Well, sadly the inevitable has come and we must formally announce that Cwmfest 2020 will not be taking place in September.

The pandemic has obliterated any chance of raising money through fundraiser shows, as well as presenting an uncertain time for our loyal sponsors and other community funding organisations. More importantly, it wouldn’t be safe or responsible to try and hold a festival even at a limited capacity as some of our local venues are unable to do so safely (could you imagine trying to socially distance up The Globe on the Saturday?!)

Our number one priority is to keep our fans and our artists safe, so until that can be guaranteed, the village will be a quieter place.

We will be back, until then, please support our regular artists by any means possible. Keep supporting local music and help to make sure that these bands can rejoin us when it’s safe to do so once more.

Keep the village alive
Cwmaman Music Festival

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Stay safe everyone