2017 – The Reunions

Creeping Jesus

Creeping Jesus were born in 1997 Creeping Jesus consisting of Robbo, Mark ‘leather pants’, Peter, Hywel and Jay Dee. CJ played most of the venues around South Wales and many further afield, but The Railway Club in Aberdare always had a special place and they got the place packed to the rafters on a number of occasions. They had a number of gigs with Pilot Fish, Wiccaman, Morgans Hand and Wingnut before life got in the way. Now they are back to bring the hard punk rap of Resist through to the gentle youth angst of Which Way to the Bonki.


The Firebrand
The FirebrandFormed in 2006 The Firebrand are an Alternative Rock band from Aberdare. Writing music infused with dance beats and noise guitars the three piece are known to bring an energy driven live show that is a must see. With influences ranging from The Pixies, Husker Du, and Nirvana, right over to The Beatles and Daft Punk, this is a mix that demands attention. Only releases to date are the Nervous Disposition EP and a compilation self-titled album.


Replaced By Robots

7-piece indie electro band Replaced By Robots from Aberdare originally conceived as a studio project by Wayne Bassett, Craig Chapman & Dorian Holmes. The Robots played their first live gig, joined by Andrew Llewellyn, Mitch Tennant, Rhys Jones & Richard Boggis, in May 2012 for a Cwmaman Festival Fundraiser.



SerotoninSerotonin, a band from the darker side of the Welsh valleys. Formed in the summer of 1999 by five friends who shared a mutual passion for indie music, and after a few name changes (Reagan, Wingnut) Serotonin was decided upon. Playing over 100 shows they have also released two E.Ps and a full length album. Citing influences such as Primal Scream, Radiohead and SFA and by using an aural attack of guitars, synths, samples, and brass, the band have made a reputation for themselves by having energetic and unique live shows with songs that deliver anthemic choruses.



Headshot were activeHeadshot from 2003 to 2007 playing a mix of hard-core and ska punk fused with catchy brass lines and singalong choruses. Part of the Cat Corpse Records communion of bands, they played a host of sweaty and sometimes chaotic gigs all over the South Wales area. Headshot released a handful of self-recorded DIY CDs during those four years. After a short reunion of gigs in 2012 they are back to make a noise at the Rats in the Cellar stage at Cwmfest 2017.


The Warthogs

WarthogsWarthogs were a cover band active from 2007 to 2014 playing a mix of 70s punk and 80s new wave tunes plus the odd classic rock and Irish folk tune. They played a host of gigs around the South Wales area building up a following of people tired of the usual run of the mill cover bands and wanting to hear something different.



Surfacing from a mixAdd-Mission of blood, sweat and BBQ sauce, Add-Mission are a bunch of reprobates from Aberdare armed with their catchy rock hooks and kooky attitude. Expect a lot of raw power, some unusual stage moves and a varied mix of wild original music. The band was active from 2008 to 2012



CripplecreekThe members of Cripplecreek were all born in the same hospital bed in Aberdare, but not on the same day. The band draws upon an eclectic mix of influences and have written and recorded hundreds of songs since falling together in 1995. The line-up has seen people come and go with 7 members at their peak creating distinct phases and ‘flavours’ in the output. Thousands of gigs later and the core still survives playing the odd gig here and there. Most members are involved in other ‘projects’ and still active in the Aberdare music scene.


Sunshine Maniac

Formed in 1995Sunshine Maniac, an experiment to see if five individuals with very little musical common ground could and would click. Simon “titch” Jones ex-drums, Paul Underdown rhythm guitar past and present, Ian ‘Norm’ Gardiner vocals harmonica and percussion past and present. Original Bassist Jon Williams and original guitarist Gary Underdown are sadly no longer with us. Current line up Paul and I doing the same as we used to do. Dave Turner on guitar, Benjamin Meredith Davies on bass and mandolin and Gene Davies on drums.



House Of Harrison

House of HarrisonActive from 1992 to 1998 House of Harrison consist of Anthony Price Bass Guitar and Backing Vox, Karl James on Drums and Lead Vocals and Paul Maskell on Guitars . Influenced by the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, The Beatles, Boo Radleys, they released a mini LP called “Some Apples Have Pips”. Although based in the Aberdare area, they spent most of the time gigging the South Coast of England and London. Highlights were playing London’s The Borderline, Islington’s The Hope & Anchor.